November 21, 2010

Tiny Re-Do: Operation Awesome

Here is a story of transformation.  It is the story of how our old (ugly) bookshelves and coffee table, became our new TV Bench with storage.

Shall we begin.

It all started with this

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

As you can tell, we had a big ugly problem on our hands, so here we go.

Lets Roll!

Take it all apart and start to prime

all primed... that was fast

Now it is cutting time.  The plan is to use the former shoe bookshelf to form a  housing for the TV, and to make the depth of the TV the same as the bookshelves.  Make sense?  Right!

(I really used a handsaw for it all, and I also really didn't have any clamps!)

Once it was cut, I assembled it again.  Only made one mistake so far (can you find it?)

Now it is painting time! I purchased a 2" roller and small paint tray, they worked wonderfully.  What didn't was the edge roller, it just didn't hold nor distribute paint well.

The roller worked super fast, and got pretty close to the edges, which I painted with a brush

And soon enough the first coat was done.

Waited 4 hours (oh the paint was Glidden, and the color we chose was a high gloss Sunflower) and then applied the second coat.

Some people say that you don't need a second coat, just touch to touch up any spots.  I say the second coat really makes the color a whole lot more vibrant.

And after another four hours, it was time to put everything back together...

And all those shoes are now happily living at a Goodwill near us.


  1. Nice work! Would like to try it myself.
    My only wish for this project would be to find a way to hide those shelf holders with their screws that support the upper board above the TV.

  2. We had that same problem- we tried to find small "L" brackets that would disappear under the boards to no avail. Let us know if you do try it and what solution you come up with!! Good luck!

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