November 19, 2010

Tiny Holidays: Man's Best Friend Edition

You give gifts to your pets to celebrate various holidays and birthday...don't you? No? We're just weird? Well...that's hurtful.


We thought that we would round up a few ideas for gifting the pets in your life. After all, they are snuggly, loyal and never complain that your turkey is too dry.

1) Jazz up a run of the mill collar with these nifty little ID tags. At $10 (cheaper than the personalized ones at our local pet store), BowWowzerz has tons of cute options for your pooch (or cat, for that  matter!).

2) Gourmet treats are cheap and a great gift idea for the fuzzy love of your life! Lucky Dog Organics (a company that is based right in our very own neighborhood!!) offers a good variety of organic and holistic treats for really reasonable prices. We like the bonito flakes at under $5 for cats and the ridiculously cute Kung Fu Fido fortune cookies for your pooch (priced at $6.99).

3) Put something new  under your tree this year! Especially if that something is recycled and sustainable toy! Our biggest qualm with pet toys is that they seem like another hunk of plastic to toss away after Fido or Socks has finished playing with it. That's why we love Olive Green Dog for their vast selection of recycled dog and cat toys. Check out the Huck dog ball or Billy Bob the Cat Cork Ball in Catnip (phew, quite the name!!).

That's all we have for now, but you can also check out for what I'm sure is endless amounts of handmade pet products!!!

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