November 16, 2010

Tiny Holidays: Art Gifts

Mike and I started a tradition after we got married that we would buy each other art for birthdays, holidays and anniversaries. That way, we will be able to fill our house with unique art and not accumulate lots of stuff that we don't have room for. Most of the time, the art we buy are prints that are super reasonably priced (think under $25)!!!

Some that we love from Etsy:

Vol. 25 - Super adorable- would be perfect for a spouse or to give as an anniversary gift!

The Black Apple- dramatic, richly colored and whimsical- get this for your hip sibling or best friend!

Dazey Chic is super cheerful, graphic and would be perfect for a kid's room!

There is also the wonderful 20x200- prints at set prices ranging from $20-$5000. This one is particularly lovely!

So there you have a little round up of some art that we LOVE for gift giving. For $20, they make a really nice and personal present for your family and friends.

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