November 18, 2010

Tiny Holidays: Get In the Kitchen

Here at TWS Headquarters, the second that the thermometer drops below 60°, the oven goes on and the baking commences. I dream about what I'll bake through the entire summer. But, for me, there is no greater time to bake then for the holidays. It's become a tradition that we will deliver freshly baked treats to friends and neighbors instead of giving gifts. With an adorable box or bow, some homemade treats make a perfect (and cheap) holiday gift! Let's check out what goodies are in the running for Tiny Wallet Christmas Gift Boxes 2010:

Oh Pioneer Woman. Your website makes me hungry the second I click. It's like Pavlov and his dogs. We are considering whipping  up a few loaves of Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Bread to bring home for my parents and grandparents this year. It seems like the perfect winter morning breakfast. Paired with some freshly ground coffee or tea, it would make a very cute gift.

I love Ornari's wrapping (I think used for an Easter bread- but this would be easily adaptable for holiday gift giving!)

Next up are the Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls. Guys, I can't stop thinking about these. I even went out and bought some aluminum tins when they were on sale at the supermarket. I think these would be such a fun neighbor gift this year- mainly because you can give the recipient the choice to bake them right away or to freeze them for eating later. And...they look so yummy.

Onto the cookie recipes! These are what we generally make up for holiday giving. I find that if you make a double batch of 3-4 different cookies, you will have plenty to give away to your mailman, boss, hairdresser or what have you. Some sweet packaging, like this from Country Living, would be so cute!!

Here are the recipes that we've used in the past:

Alton Brown's Sugar Cookies

Martha Stewart's Cranberry Thumbprints

Martha Stewart's Chocolate-Mint Sandwiches

Ina Garten's Fleur de Sel Caramels (not technically cookies, but they make a delicious addition to cookie boxes!)

I Am Baker's Monster Cookies (haven't tried these, but we're planning to make a batch this weekend.)

Phew! Hope you've gained a little inspiration for your holiday baking and gift giving. We'll update back with our final choices for this year as well as some creative wrapping ideas. Leave us a comment and let us know what your favorite holiday treats are!!!


  1. Also, this year you'll get the hookup. I'm branching out to friends this year instead of just family for the baked goods. Let's do a cookie exchange!!! :-)

  2. I didn't know you liked to bake! I am a crazy baker and at the holiday I make like 20 dozen different cookies. It is redic. I used to do a baking recipe blog but have not worked on it in forever. I am going to try and post a cookie recipe a day starting next week. I will make sure I send you a link to it!

  3. Hi Jen! I love to bake and wish I had more time to do it. Love your blog!!! I'm psyched that you're getting back into it. Hope we see you soon!

  4. Hey ot! Yes I do- email me and we can figure it out. Also, let's schedule a cookie swap!!!!

  5. [...] to baking cookies. As soon as the decorations are up, the cookies appear- just check out our “to-bake” list!! Our freezer, by next weekend, will be chock full of cylinders of dough waiting to be sliced and [...]


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