November 14, 2010

Tiny Holidays: For The Ladies

Ladies? Hi, hello there. I'd ask you at this time to forward this page to your hubby, boyfriend, dad, uncle or any other gents in your life that need a little help in the holiday gift department. As for you, keep your eyes peeled for Mike's holiday man gift post in the next few days.

Without further ado, gentlemen, our lady gift holiday gift extravaganza!!

1. Here's a sweet gift for the lady that needs a little "me-time":

Tuck something yummy from Lush under the tree! Our picks?? A few bath bombs (at a mere $3.95 each!) and a slice of their delicious, natural soap (we love "Honey I Washed the Kids"- around $7 for a good-sized chunk). Very affordable, but you'll get bonus points for picking out a scent that they will (hopefully) adore!

We would also include a pretty little candle jar from Crate and Barrel along with some tea lights. At $3.95/each, it adds a little sparkle for only a few bucks!

2. How about something for your art-loving sweetie?

Such a cute little heart collage from Linda Solovic on Etsy. This is just $22 for an 8.5x11 print!

Or perhaps some sweet art from Vol. 25 is more her style? We love this "Love" typewriter print- the bright yellow can add a pop of color AND a sweet message!! Just $20 for an 8x10 print.

This print from Amelia Kay Photography is really cute and not too girly. At $15 for an 8x10 print, it's a bargain!!

3. For the entertainer, these etched flutes from CB2 are absolutely lovely (and $15.80 for a set of 4!!!!). Along with a bottle of Prosecco, this would make a great hostess gift.

I could not adore these Nutcracker serving platters from West Elm any more. They are so perfect for holiday appetizers- and priced at a mere $19 bucks for the large size (7"x14").

4. For the girlie girl- these lip shines from Philosophy (at Sephora) are $20 for 4 holiday-scented glosses. Cute for a stocking stuffer!

This sweet rose necklace from Urban Outfitters is demure but very feminine- and only $18!!!

Or how about these gorgeous earrings from Saylor Rose on Etsy? $12 bucks gets you these lovely, dangly and girly earrings that can be worn with just about anything!

5. Finally, for the littlest lady in your life?

You could pick up one of these adorable cloche hats from Crumbcake Belle? $25 will guarantee that you will have the absolute cutest daughter/niece/granddaughter, etc.

So there you go, guys. Happy shopping! Oh, and comment to share with us what your favorite budget gifts are to give to the special ladies in your life!! 

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