November 13, 2010

How-To: Get Out of the House!!

When you're living in Tiny Wallet land, it's easy to focus on the “can't” factor. I can't spend money= I can't do anything. We get around this by using a few thrifty tips to save us from a never-ending cycle of can't.

(The Riverway- Part of Boston's Emerald Necklace)

Living in/near a major city is a bonus because, on any given day, there are TONS of free/cheap things to do. Here are just a few of the things that we try to do to keep our lives busy and our wallets full!

1) In Boston, we have lots of great museums that offer free admission (with a suggested donation) on certain days of the week. :

Museum of Fine Arts

Institute of Contemporary Art

Harvard Museum of Natural History

Children's Museum Boston

Just check in with your local museum- they may offer free/discounted admission, too!

(There is a huge baby head sculpture at the MFA Boston- so weird/cool. Photo from here)

2) Take advantage of your local parks! We are super lucky to live on the Harborwalk, which is a great place to picnic, take a walk or settle down on a bench for some alfresco reading. You can search for National Parks by state, most of which offer some nice hiking and walking trails. In Massachusetts, there are tons of free recreational sites- beaches, parks, fishing, bike trails and more.

3) Become a tourist in your town. Check out this list of historical landmarks or download an audio tour like Audissey Guides or Tourcaster (full disclosure: the brains behind Audissey Guides are our neighbors, but we LOVE their tours! We can't vouch for Tourcaster.) Most historical sites offer free, guided tours.

4) Go back to your childhood for an afternoon- pack a picnic, toss a baseball, go ice skating or fly a kite.

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