February 24, 2011

Signs of Spring

Hello friends! We took a little trip to our favorite thrifty resource, Dollar Tree, and found tons of great supplies for some frugal spring decorating! I wanted to make a new spring wreath, find something to fill the hurricanes we had on our "mantel" from Valentine's Day and add some springy pops of color to our living room. Here's how we did:

These pretty eggs were $1 for a bag of 15 or 18 (I can't remember) and the ribbon (which we also used on our wreath) was $1. We already had the flameless candle, hurricane and epsom salt (the in bottom).

Here's our bookshelf- we were inspired by Tatertots and Jello to make a tiered tray. I'll throw together a tutorial for it, but in the meantime check out hers- I looove the bunting and chevron pattern!!!

More eggs (I'm going to get something to put underneath them- any ideas?) and some straw balls from Dollar Tree (two packages= $2). So far, this bookshelf cost us $6! Not too bad for lots of color and texture.

Here's our sweet wreath that is on our front door! We just wrapped some of the sheer ribbon from our hurricane ($1) on a braided straw wreath ($1) and then hot glued on some moss from our terrariums. We then nestled in some of the pastel eggs and added a little bow! Super simple, but very cute. For two dollars, you can't beat it!

So, for a grand total of $10, we have some signs of spring popping up at Tiny Wallet Headquarters!

ETA: Linking up today with Tatertots & Jello's Weekend Wrapup! Go check out all of the awesome projects that they have going on and tell 'em Tiny Wallet Style sent ya! 

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  1. You made the eggs look so much better than they do when they are just in the bags at the store!! Great decorating!! If you have a chance please stop by handmade tuesdays @ Ladybug Blessings www.ladybug-blessings.com


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