February 21, 2011

Coming Out of the Laundry Closet- Part Two

Hello friends. We have been hard at work doing a whole lot of organizing/purging/donating around these parts. The first thing we've finished is the laundry closet. I put finished in quotation marks because I still have some decorating projects to add, but I thought I'd share the steps we have taken so far. 

A refresher of the "before": 

Oh boy. So before you start screaming, here is our lovely laundry closet after a thorough cleaning, sorting and purging. 

And inside: 

And up top: 

We even snuck in a little extra storage for some folding chairs and our little Dustbuster:


So there you have it! All prettied up and made much more functional! We plan to hang that flower picture up on the wall and add some decoration to the cork board which will cover all of the outlets. Yay! 

Onto the kitchen cabinets- stay tuned! 

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