February 23, 2011

52 Weeks of Organization- The Pots, Pans and Storage

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Back atcha to show you our latest organizational accomplishment: tackling the heap of pots, pans and storage containers that threated to avalanche out of our poor cabinets at any moment. Eesh. It actually made us not want to cook when faced with that crazy chaos lurking behind closed doors. 


For this project, I knew we needed something to help us corral all of the unruly lids and smaller bakeware so we took a trip to the Dollar Tree to pick up some baskets. We spent $5 total on 5 small, plastic baskets which can be re-purposed later on. 

We also got rid of a ton of stuff- storage containers with no lids, a few doubles that we didn't realize that we had (who needs 3 tart pans??!) and pans that are past their prime. 

Here are the results:

So much better. Downsizing the sheer amount of stuff we have has really helped us in this organizing process. We're realizing just how little we actually NEED versus all the stuff we think we need. 

Oh and we're really thankful for the help we received during this process: 

So handsome. Even when he's trouble-making. 


  1. I LOVE the idea of using the bending plastic bin for pot lids, I never thought of that! Luckily we have a pretty good system thus far but we don't have a place for lids, there are only 4 of them and they pile on top of eachother. That is a great idea!

  2. ^ That was from me...i didn't mean to be anonymous! lol

  3. This is such a big help! I'm planning on reorganizing our pots and pans this weekend but had no idea what to do with the lids. Thanks so much!


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