February 25, 2011

Rainy Day Sights

It is a blustery, rainy day here at TWS Headquarters. I'm recovering from a busy week, so today is going to be an easy day. As I was going through some blog photos this morning, I found a bunch that represent what we've been up to this week. Here is a look behind the scenes: 

 I got a new bike this week! Isn't she cute??

Mike got me these flowers for Valentine's Day. Pretty!

This is 95% of Grayfeet's day. Jealous!

I made two loaves of AMAZING whole-wheat bread. Which lead to quite a bit of...

Mmmm. The best breakfast. Add some chai to that teacup and I'm a happy girl.

This is my favorite snack- half a bagel, some cream cheese and pickled jalapenos. Mmmm.

Another favorite snack. Mmmm. Ever notice how all of my "not food" posts turn into food posts?

I finally framed this print that I gave to Mike for our first wedding anniversary. So cute, right?

Lots of stuff ready to be donated. We've been doing TONS of purging this week! 

That's a little peek into our world. Did you have a great week? 


  1. My week was lame sister!
    Can I come to Boss Town and help you do Tiny Things?

  2. Obbbviously! The catz say "oh hai, u can come to giv us treetz?"


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