February 14, 2011

Menu Plan Monday!

Hey all! Sorry for the radio silence in the last few days. We've had a friend in from out of town, coupled with a super busy weekend so we've let the blogging lapse. 

Fear not, loyal Tiny Wallet Stylers- for we're back in action with a brand spanking new Menu Plan Monday!!! As usual, we've linked up with Orgjunkie.com, so go check out their hundreds of amazing menu plans to get some inspiration!

Last night, we made an amazing sausage, lentil and brown rice soup that we'll blog about later! It was soooo yummy and really satisfying.

Our special Valentine's dinner will be:

Marinated steaks with caramelized onions and mushrooms, goat cheese polenta, roasted asparagus and some homemade chocolate-heath bar ice cream (recipe to follow). Mmmm. 

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all! 

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