February 15, 2011

52 Weeks of Organization

Time to keep it real- we really are struggling with maintaining a balance between order and chaos over here at Tiny Wallet Headquarters. I'm juggling a full time job and this wonderful blog (which is like a full time job most days), and Mike is trying to acclimate to his new work schedule. Toss in a few jam-packed weekends and you, my friends, have a recipe for disaster.

Part of this chaos is the gradual and sneaky build up of...stuff. Mail that gets heaped in a pile. Projects that languish half-done on the kitchen table. Mostly empty bottles of products that stack up in the bathroom. Files that don't get filed. Things that we buy with the best intentions that get kicked under the bed or stuffed in a closet.

I'm done with all of the STUFF. I'm done with late night cleaning binges. I'm done with frantically shoving things into closets and drawers when someone drops by for a visit.

Phew. That felt good.

We need a clutter intervention, and luckily for us, Orgjunkie.com is doing an amazing program called "52 Weeks of Organization". The goal is to do one manageable project per week in an effort to curb the clutter and organize what you do have.

So here's our plan to tackle the chaos monster lurking at the edges of Tiny Wallet Headquarters:

1) Participate in Orgjunkie.com's 52 Weeks of Oganization project.

We're going to try and catch up, since they're already on week 6!! I think having one project/concept per week will be valuable to us since we won't try to tackle everything all at once and get overwhelmed.

2) Commit to paper. We'll go around the house and write down ALL of the problem spots and things that need attention. Then, in addition to the 52 weeks projects, we're going to tackle a few major cleaning/repairing projects per month (cleaning the cabinets, remove everything from bookshelves and clean, etc.). We'll pick 4 projects per month and try to tackle one a week.

3) Get rid of stuff in a major way. We're planning to move at some point in the spring, and we have A LOT of stuff to move. We're going to start reevaluating all of our things and getting rid of/donating/selling what we don't need. I've asked Mike to hold me accountable for doing this, since I'm a sucker and hold on to things that I have sentimental attachments to.

How about you? Do you have a way to deal with clutter and disorganization that might be helpful for us?


  1. I tell yah, trying to get rid of stuff before you move is a GREAT idea! Every time we move (I had never moved until I moved in with Matt. 22 years in the same house) which has now been a total of 3 times, we mange to accumulate more stuff.
    Last time, I tried to get everything as organized as possible (which I tend to think of both of us as organized) and it went well in the basement but the upstairs was a little crazy on moving day!
    Get as much done ahead of time as you can! When I do, I ask myself the following things when trying to de clutter:
    1.do I NEED this??
    2.When was the last time I used it?
    3.Will I need it again?
    4. Could I do with out? Can someone else use it more?
    I get rid of a lot of clothes that way. It feels good when you start getting rid of stuff!
    I usually try to do one task on the weekend, like organize my laundry area, or re-organize the spice cabinet, clean up the office desk and file thing, stuff like that. Much better than getting overwhelmed!
    Good luck, I commend you!

  2. Thanks for the tips! We're really struggling with the balance between "we're going to need this someday" and "there's NO space". :(

  3. I'm playing along on the challenge too and also going to be moving soon - we can do it! :-)

  4. Martha- Woohoo! I'll definitely stop into your blog and see how you're doing, too! Good luck with your move!



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