February 8, 2011

Frugal Food: Lunch Ideas

So with Mike back to work, we're back to making bagged lunches for two. When it was just me, I'd throw together a bunch of random things and call it a day. Mike is a bit pickier and likes to eat "traditional" lunch items. So aside from the sandwiches and leftovers, I've been sneaking in some unconventional but healthy and filling lunches into his bag. Here's a few cheap and easy ideas:

Green Giant frozen veggies.

These are yummy and relatively good for you (great if you're in a hurry and can't cut up veggies in the morning). I like to have veggies along with my sandwiches for lunch- it makes me feel virtuous even if I had a less-than-virtuous breakfast.

A big honking bowl of couscous with add ins.

You can put virtually anything in here. We like to do with with leftovers- steamed green beans from last night, some cherry tomatoes, a little feta cheese, maybe some grated carrots and a little salsa. Anything goes here and if you cook the couscous the night before, it takes only a minute to assemble.

Hummus and dippables

Some cut-up veggies, yummy tortilla chips (we LOVE the Food Should Taste Good brand) and hummus (pictured here is Sabra Toasted Pine Nut hummus). It's yummy and nutritious. I like a handful of dried cranberries or a piece of fruit along side.


Oatmeal is one of those awesomely versatile (and cheap!!!) meal options that works for breakfast, lunch or dinner in a pinch. I like a spoonful of peanut butter, some cut up banana and some pecans in mine. This is, coincidentally, what I ate for lunch today!

Here's my full lunch: oatmeal, a Chobani Greek Yogurt and a handful of carrots. This lunch fills me up well into dinner time and I don't get that weird 2pm sugar crash like I would with a super carby lunch. Plus, it's super yummy.

What about you??? Do you have any easy, cheap and healthy lunch ideas to share?


  1. I have a salad club at work. Three of us take turns buying ingredients and all sit down and have salad at noon every day. It's a pretty hearty salad with beans and/or cheese and/or tuna and our avocado and/or croutons.

    This summer most of it came from our CSAs and we supplemented from a nearby farmer's market. In the winter we take turns going to Stop and Shop. I've been doing this with various people for years-- it's great!

  2. Giordana! What a super fun and thrifty idea! Sounds awesome- you're close to Somerville, right? You can totally come and deliver me a salad any day you want! :)


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