May 31, 2011

Menu Plan Monday (On Tuesday)

Hey there! Happy Memorial Day! We had a little 4 day weekend, in which Mike went out of town for a bachelor party and I stayed home to garden, cook and paint furniture. Woooo. You know you're a blogger when your reaction to your hubs skipping town is "YEAH! Now I can paint that desk". Oh, and it was gorgeous so I hung out here for a bit:

Anyway, here's our menu for the week. I'm leaving off Monday because...all we ate for dinner were chips and fresh pico de gallo. Which is not a bad thing. Yum. 

Tuesday: Slow cooker pulled pork, garlic green beans, sweet potato fries 
Wednesday: Grilled chicken fajitas, black bean salad
Thursday: Balsamic-honey pork chops, roasted broccoli, whole wheat couscous salad
Friday: Grilled pizza, tomato and avocado salad

Steel cut oatmeal with peanut butter and banana

  • Trader Joe's vanilla nonfat yogurt, fruit, spinach and protein powder smoothie
  • Whole wheat Bagel Thin with peanut butter and banana
  • Scrambled eggs with tomato, avocado and jalapeƱo


  • Grilled burger and salad
  • Low-carb wraps with turkey, veggies and hummus
  • Green salad with grilled chicken breast and veggies (leftover from fajitas)
  • Black bean salad with turkey breast and cheese on bagel thin (I love these things!!)

Did you cook out on Memorial Day? Picnic? What'd you make?? Spill the details in our comment section! Have a great week!

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