May 11, 2011

What I Love Wednesday

The weather today is so weird! It's humid, but a little chilly thanks to an ocean breeze. It's about to rain, and since we planted the first of our garden this past weekend I'm happy for the free water!

Anyway, I need a morale boost so I decided to share with y'all what I'm loving this week as part of <3 Lollipop's What I Love Wednesday! Go check all of the awesome stuff she's got going on!

1. Pinterest! It's like shopping, but free! I'm a pinning fool.
2. My garden. It's incredible to grow something from seed.
3. Re-doing furniture. Cheapy cheap way to breathe new life into your old stuff.
4. Modern Family! Mike and I are obsessed. (via)

What are you loving today? Are you Pinterest-obsessed, too?


  1. SERIOUSLY LOVE #4 I am obsessed too! xoxo

  2. I'm completely obsessed with Pinterest and Modern Family as well! And my latest obsession: Happy Endings. Too freakin' funny.

  3. I love the redo on the furniture- thanks for the inspiration!
    Visiting from wilw-

  4. Hey- thanks for stopping by! We're working on another re-do, so keep your eyes out :)


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