May 20, 2011

On The Move.

Hey friends! It's finally stopped raining here in Boston, so I'm scheming some serious weekend DIY. Hint: this little lady is going to get a face lift. 
Oh, by the way, we're in the process of planning a move (!!!), which is super exciting and I've been pinning like crazy trying to design our new pad on a (verrrrry) small budget. 

Here are some inspiration images that are getting my DIY-loving heart pumping. Ooooh boy my to-DIY list is growing by the minute. 
Teal, yellow and gray- 
possible living room colors
1) Gorgeous chandy- I could probably DIY this, right? 
2) We have a plain wooden bookshelf that would look great in white and yellow
3) This gray and yellow Amy Butler fabric is awesome
4) Oh and this one, too. Not AB, but still love the pattern.

Fresh, clean white with pops of color:
Kitchen/Dining Room/Guest Room/Office Nook
1) Uber-organized, sigh
2) Love the idea of a daybed in the cozy
3) This shadowbox filled with vintage kitchen things would be awesome. 
4) I adore the idea of lots of thrifted plates filling up a wall with color + pattern.


  1. A move? Exciting! Also can't wait to see what you do with the desk. I have a piece I want to refinish but I just don't know what I want to do with it yet...need some inspiration.

  2. i love that yellow/white bookshelf! so happy, and will definitely be welcome treat once the boston winters hit.

  3. I knoooow! I'm kind of obsessed with it. Layla- I went to the paint store today and have about a million swatches. Also, I want some sweet Anthro knobs, but I'm way too cheap. :*(

  4. oooooh! I can't wait to see your desk makeover. I love refinishing furniture - especially the dreaming what it could be stage. Good luck with that and the move.


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