May 18, 2011

What I Love Wednesday

 Hi all! I had a lovely time linking up to the fabulous <3Lollipops' What I Love Wednesday, so I'm doing it again!

1) These super cheerful Gabrielle Rocha rainboots. They're so necessary this week- we're expected to get rain every day this week here in Boston! Oh, and they're on sale!!!
2) These super springy pillows from Annalea Hart! Super love. Now I need ric-rac. And ribbon. Lots of ribbon. 
3) This color combo (and EVERYTHING else about it!) from the ridiculously stylish Gussy Sews. Ob-sess-ed.
4) Mrs. Meyer's Lemon Verbena dish soap. It makes doing the dishes feel like a little vacation. Mmmm.

What are you loving this week? Is the gray and rainy weather drawing you to lots of bright and sassy colors, too? Xo!


  1. I LOVE that Gussy pouch. The colors are amazing!

  2. Those pillows are such fun! I really like them. :)

  3. Jami- Meeee too! I have a birthday coming up and I've been very ::subtly:: hinting to the hubs that it would make a great gift! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Jacky- aren't they adorable? I'm dying to make a few of my own. Have you stopped by Annalea's website? So much cool inspiration!! Thanks for visiting!

  5. That soap sounds amazing! Gussy Sews is having a giveaway this week.


  6. Hey Hannah! You better believe I'm all over those giveaways :) Love Gussy! Oh, and definitely smell that soap- it's ridiculous, and they make a whole line of cleaning supplies in the same scent.

    Thanks for stopping by! -Ally

  7. I have the same soap and I LOVE it!


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