March 26, 2011

Tiny Improvements

*This is one part in a series of posts about what I’m doing to improve our lives this year. Not New Year’s Resolutions, just a few Tiny Improvements!

3) Cutting Down Our Carbon Footprint (and Grocery Bill!)

Check out when we made bagels!

This year, we really want to focus on the idea of homesteading- reclaiming our self-sufficiency at home. Gardening (and actually eating what we grow), kicking the boxed food habit and focusing on sustainability. A few easy ways were doing this:
  • making at home what we usually buy: whole wheat bread, stocks and broths, laundry detergent and whatever else we possibly can.
  • eliminating processed foods completely from our diet (with a few exceptions- mainly Girl Scout cookies)
  • buying in bulk at our local food co-op: this will save on both cost and packaging, since we’ll bring our own containers!
  • growing a large vegetable garden and canning/freezing the excess produce
  • making an earnest effort to buy most of our other produce at the farmer’s market. We’ve found that by buying locally and seasonally, we’re able to save money AND eat more nutritiously.
  • composting: we’re planning to set up a small compost bin this spring!
What are you doing to live more sustainably? Got any tips for us? Leave us a comment!! 

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