March 21, 2011

Menu Plan Monday!

Happy Monday, everyone! We're back atcha with another Menu Plan Monday- this time, a little different. We're going to skip the grocery shopping this week and focus on a major pantry cleanout in preparation for the spring! And, as always, we're linking up with the fabulous Orgjunkie's MPM! Go check out the zillions of awesomely inspiring menus!
Monday: Cumin spiced chickpea salad with quinoa

Tuesday: Vegetable lasagna from February's dinner co-op and a salad

Wednesday: Chana masala, basmati rice and slow cooker lentils

Thursday: Slow cooker minestrone soup (half for the freezer)

Friday: Black bean tacos with feta and slaw

What's cookin' in your kitchen this week? Do tell! 


  1. Monday - Beef and broccoli stirfry
    Tuesday - Tortellini Gratinata with mushrooms and parnsips
    Wednesday - leftovers
    Thursday - Asian Chicken Thighs
    Friday - Roast Chicke with Sweet and Sour Fennel...or TBD. Fridays are always tricky.

  2. We totally suffer from the Friday "ugh do I have to cook" syndrome. What is the tortellini dish? Xo A

  3. it is from "Bone Ape tit". hahaha. I think of you whenever i say that.


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