March 20, 2011

On Being Thankful

This was a rough weekend. Our week, while busy, was great and filled with friends, food and happiness. 
Then came Friday, the start of a weekend of memorial services for Mike's Nana. The services were filled with beauty and joy- tributes to the grace and peace of her long and happy life. The people that we met and re-met, the stories that we heard were all wonderfully uplifting and joyful. We are so grateful for the stories and the memories. It was a very emotional day for all. 

Sitting at the kitchen table, I meditated over the many things I have to be thankful for. The warm breeze that signals the end of a long and cold winter. The fridge full of food and the warmth of our little apartment. A family full of joy, support, love and good conversation. A husband who always has a strong shoulder for me to lean on. A steaming hot cup of coffee. 

It's easy to forget all of the little things that you have to celebrate. Life is about moving forward, getting better, improvement- but what if we just take a minute to press pause? If we actually try to count our blessings? Would our "To Do" lists become a little less important? Would an impromptu game of Scrabble become a little more memorable? Would that warm spring breeze earn your full attention for just a minute, instead of passing by unnoticed?

I'm choosing to focus on the long list of things that I have to celebrate instead of those that bring me down. To smile instead of complain. To work hard instead of wish that I had it easier.To be the best version of myself that I can possibly be. In honor of Nana, I'm choosing joy. 

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