March 25, 2011

Tiny Improvements

*This is one part in a series of posts about what I’m doing to improve our lives this year. Not New Year’s Resolutions, just a few Tiny Improvements!

2) Get Realistic

Oh, the schedule. The bane of my existence. We are learning, slowly and surely to stick to a schedule. The older and busier I get, the more I realize that I NEED a schedule in black and white in order to get through my week.

FebPics 272

In my “Command Center”, I have each week of the month printed out. On Sunday, I sit down with our calendar and map out the week: 
This helps me see if we’re overscheduled, too, so I can add in some “us” time if we need it.


I’ve also devised a morning to-do list. This is a chronological checklist that helps me budget my time before and after work. I’ve distilled it down to the “must-do” (in my mind, of course) things that I want to get done:
  • Brew a pot of coffee, pack lunches
  • Eat breakfast and do my quiet time
  • Make the bed
  • Get dressed, pack work bag
  • Throw in a load of laundry, if necessary
  • Wash breakfast dishes
  • Sweep kitchen floor, straighten up
  • Take vitamins, drink water (8+ glasses)
  • Feed cats, refill cat’s water
tinywalletfeb-8-11 063
This makes it much easier to figure out what to do when I wake up at 6:30am and am a little groggy!

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