June 10, 2011

Garden Fresh

I love gardening so much. This morning, I went around to my beds to check out how things are growing. We are having our first few days of h-o-t weather mixed in with tons of rain, so I made sure things were handing the crazy weather. 

Imagine my surprise when I saw these growing up from a random pile of dirt from last year. How fun is nature? I'm leaving them there for now- it will be exciting to see what kind of gourd it turns out to be!!!
Here is what I'm pinning for garden inspiration this week: 
1. Such pretty lines, although I'd never be organized enough to actually pull this off. (via)
2. I could DIY something like this, no? (via)
3. So vibrant and cheerful. (via
4. Our window boxes are primarily full of herbs, but this is so gorgeous! (via)

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