December 15, 2010

Tiny Holidays: Typographical Wrapping

So I was browsing around ManMade when I spotted a great and cheap way to wrap and personalize holiday gifts. Using simple mailing paper and a page from any old book, you end up with an extremely simple but amazing wrapping for any present. Here is the tinywalletstyle method of making Typographical Gift Wrap

Step 1: Pick a font in your paint/photo editing program, and increase the text size to about 100-120. I think simple, bold fonts will look better, and will probably be a whole lot easier to cut out.

Step 2: Write the name of your recipient, and then find the flip/rotate button to get the text backwards. Now save the image, to your desktop and close your editing program.

Step 3: Double click on the new image on your desktop to bring up your photo viewer software (should be default) and then click print to look at the different page size options, and pick the right size. Then push print

This looks good!

Step 4: Cut off all the excess paper, leaving just the name; then with a glue stick, stick the name on the back of a newspaper, page from a book, wrapping paper, or anything else that inspires you. Try to keep everything straight!

Step 6: Take your time and cut out each letter.

Use an exacto knife for those hard to reach places!

Step 7: Wrap the gift, and layout the letters for spacing

Step 8: Glue down the letters and give the gift!

Here are some other ones that I made

Christmas wrapping paper

With the classified section of the Boston Phoenix

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