December 2, 2010

Tiny Holidays: Repurpose What You Have!

Howdy from the holiday decorating department here at Tiny Wallet Style. We l-o-v-e decorating for Christmas, so much so that Mike has to implement arbitrary rules as to when the decorating can commence. If these rules are not in effect, Ally might just bust out the Christmas boxes mid-summer.

Anyway. The decorating is well under way at TWS headquarters, but not nearly complete. Since we're living in a truly tiny space, we are opting to go without a Christmas tree this year. After the holidays,we will look for a fake one since opting for the real deal each year puts a big dent in the old holiday budget. Hopefully we can snag a realistic-looking evergreen for pennies after ringing in the New Year!

Speaking of budget- we are trying VERY hard not to buy any new Christmas decorations this year. Since we are trying to save as much dinero as possible, we decided to try and reuse what we have and repurpose things that we have lying around to fit into our holiday decor. Here's what we came up with so far!

We are slightly wreath crazy year-round, so we decided to reuse the "autumn" wreath that we have on our front door. We jazzed it up with some brightly colored ornaments that would otherwise live on our tree. It's a unique take on the normal holiday front door decor.

Here is our kitchen table all dressed up for the holidays. We re-used a table cloth that we had hanging around and topped it with a gray on gray runner for a little edginess. Along with our regular dish ware and some pretty green wine glasses, it's traditional without being a snooze.

Plates from Crate and Barrel (discontinued Staxx pattern), bowls from Ikea, napkins from Target (discontinued, but I LOVE these from Etsy), napkin rings from Crate and Barrel. Look at the ribbon candy ornament on the wine bottle! Isn't it adorable??

These are our little paperwhite plants that we started a few days ago! Hopefully they bloom so we have some festive greenery to spruce up the kitchen windowsill.

Our winter village that was passed down to me by my Grandmother! I love putting it up every year even if it doesn't "go" with our decor. Who cares? I love it and it reminds me of her! It fits perfectly on our recently remodeled entertainment center!

Fun, glittery candles inspired by...The Inspired Room!!!! Good choice of blog name, lady- your craftiness IS inspiring. (Go check out her blog, it's amazingly amazing!) We just coated some short pillar candles with tacky glue and rolled them in Epsom salts! They look snowy AND double as salt licks for two curious feline residents that share our space.

Here is our bedroom dresser, dressed up for the holidays. Repurposed candlesticks topped with some glittery ornaments, a book page wreath tied with shimmery ribbon and another epsom salt candle.

That's all for now...a little sneak peek of how we're decorating TWS headquarters! We will have much more to come, including lots of cheapy cheap Holiday crafts and tutorials. How is your decorating going??? Are you all done? Let us know what fun and creative things you've come up with!!!


  1. [...] great inspiration over at the Nesting Place today- check out her linky party of holiday home tours (we are #96 and we joined before 8am today!!). Head over to to check it [...]

  2. Thanks, Mary! I just checked out ThriftyAnnaBellainLA, and I lovvveee your hutch. It looks so cute all decked out for the holidays! Merry Christmas!!!


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