August 22, 2011

IKEA Planning

Hi Tiny Wallet Stylers! How was your weekend? Ours (as we mentioned in our Menu Plan Monday post) was absolutely wonderful. 

Mike and I have been meaning to get over to IKEA for a while- we have a little notepad with running lists for each store we don't get to regularly: Michael's, Christmas Tree Shop, etc. When we have more than a few items on any list, we make a stop at that store. Most of the time it's not urgent things that we need, so it's okay if we wait a little while. We find that this technique prevents us from suffering from the "just need one thing" syndrome- we walk in with one thing in mind and walk out with a whole cart full of things that we just don't need. 

So anyway, on this trip to IKEA, we're looking for:
Lyckhem Dining Table- $179.00. 

Possibly one or two of these Tryta benches- at only $9.99 a pop, they would be great extra seating. We would paint them and add pillows and cushions to make them more comfy!
This Gilslev rug for the new office/guest room. $19.99 for a 6'x4' rug?! Does anyone have this- is it reasonably nice? We would be using it to cover up the ugly, scratchy rug that is already in there. 
A pair of these adorable Eivor curtains for the office/guest room. It's a small room, so we're going to use gray/white as the main colors and then add fun splashes of color with accessories and art. They ring in at $14.99 for the pair! 

We'll report back with all of the cute things we will inevitably bring back home with us :)


  1. Love IKEA and LOVE the shopping choices you've made!

  2. Thanks so much, Ferial! I can't wait til we have everything put together!!! Have a great day!

  3. i do have that rug! the pile is really low, so it's more of a floor cover, i guess, than a cushy rug. we put ours in front of the fireplace and the dogs sleep on it constantly. it's really easy to clean!

  4. Emily- thanks! That's actually really helpful! We're planning to put it over another rug, so the comfort factor isn't my main worry. Hope you have a great day! -Ally

  5. Hey! Thanks for the great ideas for my own little Ikea trip! :)


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