August 16, 2011


It's amazingly easy to get into this horrible place...a place where I am judgmental, harsh, critical and unforgiving. Not of others, but of myself. My eye goes to every speck of dust illuminated by the afternoon sun, overlooking the gorgeous, dusky glow. I give up sleep, relaxation and time with my husband in pursuit of perfect. And it's not working.

So I give it up. 

Perfection is a lie- it's not possible. Life isn't perfect, it's messy and unpredictable. It's a little dusty, a little cluttered. You know what is perfect? Sitting on the porch with my husband, watching the evening sky turn fiery pink and playing a game of Yahtzee. Not worrying about the dishes. 
I started following the FlyLady plan- just doing a couple "baby steps" each day- getting into a groove. It's simple: wash your dishes before you go to sleep. Wipe down your sink. Swipe your bathroom fixtures before you leave. You come home to a tidier house- even by just a little. 

We will see how it goes! Do you FLY? Are you still in pursuit of the "perfect"??? 

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