August 15, 2011

Me, A-Z

I was inspired by reading Casey's "Me, A-Z", so I decided to share mine! Hope you're having a lovely Monday!!

{a} age :: 26

{b} bed size :: queen

{c} chore you hate :: mopping the floor

{d} dogs :: none- we've had a few fosters, though!

{e} essential start to your day :: husband smooch, enough sleep, iced coffee

{f} favorite color :: blue

{g} gold or silver :: silver

{h} height :: 5'1

{i} instruments you play :: none, but I love singing

{j} job title :: nanny, birth doula, student

{k} kids :: not yet!

{l} live :: The Bay State- good old Boston, MA

{m} maiden name :: Sargent

{n} nicknames :: Ally, Kanga (if you're my husband), Al

{o} overnight hospital stays :: None, thank God

{p} pet peeve :: thoughtlessness, rude people

{q} quote ::
 "Enjoy yourself- it's later than you think" - Chinese Proverb

{r} righty or lefty :: right

{s} siblings :: younger sister and brother

{t} time you wake up :: 7am, or earlier if Mike's up earlier

{u} university attended :: Suffolk University and University of MA- Boston

{v} vegetables you dislike: eggplant, if it's cooked badly

{w} what makes you run late :: lack of planning! 

{x} x-rays you’ve had :: fingers, feet, chest 

{y} yummy food :: chicken tacos from Cactus Grill. Mmmm

{z} zoo animal favorite :: giraffes- but I kind of hate the zoo :(

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