July 18, 2011

Menu Plan Monday!

Happy Monday, friends! I'm back to work after a lovely 2 weeks vacation! How was your weekend? We are enjoying some gorgeous weather here in Boston, so we look advantage and spent as much time outside as possible. Love!
I want to talk with you about our menu this week. You might have noticed that we're posting quite a few vegetarian meals...well it's because we're going without meat for the month of July. I'm actually trying to follow the Dr. McDougall plan of eating as much as possible- meat free, dairy free and oil free. Now, I'm still using oil to cook, but I'm trying to more aware of how much I use. I switched out half and half for unsweetened almond milk. I'm still going to have a little bit of cheese, but not ever day. So far, so good- but what in the heck are we eating???

  • Fruit smoothies with whey powder
  • Steel cut oats sweetened with a little bit of pure maple
  • Baked sweet potato with black beans and fresh pico de gallo (mmmm)
  • Dr. McDougalls soups (the tortilla is my favorite!)- they're cheap, too. 
  • Low-carb wrap (I like Cedar's brand) with hummus and tons of veggies

Monday- Black bean tacos with fresh pico de gallo 
Tuesday- Trader Joe's veggie burgers, quinoa garden salad
Wednesday- Vegetarian stuffed peppers
Thursday- Whole wheat pasta, spinach, zucchini, marinara sauce
Friday- Whole wheat quesadillas- mashed sweet potato, black bean, pico de gallo
Saturday- leftovers
Sunday- Grilled sandwiches (roasted red peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, onion, some pepper jack cheese on sprouted grain bread)

Linking up with Orgjunkie.com and Menu Plan Monday! Head on over there for lots of great menu plans!!


  1. You have a fantastic, summery menu here! I love all the fresh veggies and delicious ways you've chosen to prepare them. Yum. Thanks for linking up to MPM today.

  2. Impressed with your meatless commitment! Kudos to you!! Your menu looks great! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hey ladies, thanks so much for stopping by!! SnoWhite- awesome job hosting MPM! I'll be dropping by again soon to check out more of your awesome ideas.


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