July 22, 2011


Happy Friday!!! It's more like Fryday, if you live in Boston! Phew, it's scorching today.

I woke up early this morning in hopes of beating the heat to workout- no dice! It was almost 90 degrees when I rolled out of bed at 6am. Nooo thanks. Instead, I drank a glass of iced coffee and watered my poor garden before it got scorching.  
Once I got to (wonderfully air-conditioned) work, I had a bowl of Irish oatmeal with a little maple syrup and bananas. Mmm. I picked up a snickerdoodle iced coffee on my way, my Friday treat! Best $2.25 I can spend in heat like this- it was gone VERY quickly. 
Lunch was just a big salad with tons of cold veggies and a little goat cheese. I also had a Sargento cheese stick (colby-jack reduced fat) to snack on. I brought a Dr. McDougall's black bean soup, but it's just not soup weather. 
We'll be going out for dinner tonight, but I'm working on a post for hot-weather dinner recipes for you! Lots of cold salads, a few slow-cooker recipes and even some filling smoothies. 

What's your favorite "hot-weather" food? Or are you like me and lose your appetite when the temperature goes up? 

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