October 30, 2010

Tiny Introduction

Oh hello out there! Mike and Ally here-aka the beauty and brains behind Tiny Wallet Style! Why, oh why start ANOTHER design/food/living blog? What could possibly make us uniquely readable in the veritable sea of other, awesome, funny, well-written, gorgeously photographed blogs? Well...

Hmm....it could be because Ally is awesome at turning cartwheels?

Or because our blog is written not by us, but by our cats, Princess Peach and Grayfeet?

No..that is decidedly NOT why you should read Tiny Wallet Style. It's because we (like you) love design, food, entertaining and creative lifestyle ideas but WE are on a shoestring budget. This means that what we lack in funds, we make up for in creativity!

Mike and I have self-imposed a challenge to save nearly ALL of our pennies for the next year in order to buy our very own place to call home. The result of this belt-cinching is, of course, needing to change from being “spend it if we got it” people to “make do with what we have” people! We think that with an outlet to record our successes in frugal living, we'll be much more motivated to keep up with this self-imposed budget fast. So, check back with us here at Tiny Wallet Style and follow us on Twitter @tinywallet for our take on creative decor, great (and cheap) food and fabulously frugal lifestyle tips!

While we are getting to know each other, we would love to know more about you! If you have a minute, please answer this little poll so we can know what you love, what you don't and where you're from!

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  1. You two are adorable, love the receipe can't wait to try it!!

  2. Thank you!! Hopefully you can check back for more! We're going to be featuring slow-cooker recipes in the next few weeks :)


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