January 12, 2011

Closet Organization

Oh hello there. Almost didn't see you beneath the various piles of snow and clutter that are surrounding us today here at TWS Headquarters. Remember a few weeks back when we got really ambitious and promised a closet makeover? Well, that didn't happen right away. We got busy, etc. etc. and pushed it back. But...the boxes...they taunted us night and day. We waited for a window of free time to manifest itself, and today it did!

We're snowed in here in Boston. The perfect excuse to spend hours and hours on a project! But first, some snow photos!

Here is our porch railing. Snowy wonderland.

This is the view from our stoop! Walking in a...well you get the picture. All of our neighbors did a great job shoveling their walks!



So back to the organizing. Remember this?

Oh my gosh. Terrifying.

After a TON of this:

Our formerly horrible closet became less horrible:

And our bookshelf/tv holder got a little organizing, too!

Snow day= success!


  1. Great job! The closet looks amazing

  2. Great job! :)

    It's really inspiring, too! I have so many little spaces that look like your before picture!

  3. Thanks so much, Monica! I actually just came back here from checking out your blog and I loved your "Small Spaces" post! I totally agree that small spaces are the SCARIEST- they get ignored the easiest and are the easiest to cover up!

  4. Thanks, Janene! I love your dresser de-clutter, too. Ours looks sneakingly similar to your before photo and I'm at the "just throw it away" point, too. Nice work!!!

  5. Thanks so much Monica! I just surfed back here from your blog and I have to say- I agree with your "Small Spaces" post that they are the SCARIEST! I have lots of nooks and crannies that just accumulate stuff. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I love all the labeled boxes. So neat and tidy! Happy Organizing!

  7. Carol! I love your little doodled tags in your pantry re-org, too! Totally inspires me to get out of my comfort zone of just scratching things down and cute those labels up a little bit! Thanks for visiting!!

  8. Wow looks great! Good job in using a snow day!

  9. Wow, what a transformation. Love all the container deliciousness!

  10. Thanks so much!! We are pretty happy with how it turned out! -Ally

  11. Thanks, Kristi! We are super excited and inspired to keep organizing! Have a great weekend! -Ally

  12. Awesome job! Going through lots of odds and ends and making decisions about everything is so hard. Your closet looks so much better - I'll bet you smile every time you look in there!


  13. Thanks so much, Samantha! Yes- luckily the hubs and I both agreed on tossing/donating most of the odds and ends! It does make me very happy to open it and not face an avalanche of stuff. Now comes the hard part- maintaining the organizing!!


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